Zoom Lifestyle Lottery also referred to as “Zoom Up Your Life” is an entertainment lottery exercise in form of a game to win cash prizes and other type of prizes.

About Zoom Lifestyle


Zoom Lifestyle lottery is an entertainment lottery company founded by Mr P of Psquare (Peter Okoye) in February 2019 to help people of different backgrounds to elevate from a certain level.


Zoom Lifestyle is an entertainment life-style lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sport and business mentorship and more.


Zoom Lifestyle which is strictly a Raffle Draw ticket lottery is been played only by Nigerians for now. Hoping the company expands in the nearest future.

How Zoom Lifestyle Works

At Zoom Lifestyle, you play the official lottery raffle draw. Zoom Lifestyle offers you the chance to play Nigeria’s biggest instant raffle draw lotteries. All you have to do is choose a category of your choice and then play the raffle draw to win.

Zoom Up Your Life is similar to a lottery brand, difference is that you don’t get to pick lotto numbers.

Zoom Lifestyle works by first selecting a category ranging from Music, Dance, Sport, Video, Business, International and then proceed to playing the raffle draw. Then a winner is selected by the Zoom Lifestyle team just after the draw.

How to Register to Play Zoom Lifestyle

Do you want to participate in the Zoom lifestyle lottery? Then you would need to proceed with the following information to be able to play and participate in the zoom lifestyle lottery raffle draw ticket. To learn how to register and play the raffle draw, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Zoom Lifestyle homepage and click the “Triple bar    Button” found at the top right corner of the website, a page comes out of which you would need to click on “Create Account” to register.

  2. You would be taken to the registration page which has a form that contains the following details – Full Name, Phone number, Category, and Duration (Monthly or One-time)

  3. Within the form there’s a button that says “I have paid, i want to create account only” for those who made payments without creating an account, and needs to proceed.

  4. Next step is to click on the “PAY NOW N500” button, which then takes you to the payment platform where you would have to pay the sum of N500 to register and begin winning cash prize

  5. Once payment is made, you would need to create your password then your registration is complete.

  6. Your tickets would be sent to your mail, and then you are eligible for the next raffle draw.

Zoom Lifestyle Registration

Zoom Lifestyle Conclusion

As a reputable lottery raffle draw company in Nigeria and a brand owned by a recognized personnel which is Peter Okoye of Psquare. Zoom aims at creating wealth for the public through raffle draw.

While the lottery brand isn’t yet popular and hasn’t gained it expected attraction, various people of different background are benefiting from the zoom lifestyle raffle cash prizes and other prizes.

You definitely want to participate in the zoom lifestyle lottery as there are loads of prizes to be won. To view more of their activities follow them on Instagram at @zoomupyourlife that is where a chunk of their marketing contents are displayed.

Zoom up your life to the next level today by playing the Zoom Lifestyle Lottery Raffle Draw to stand a chance to win N2million.