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This random number generator can produce pseudorandom numbers within a given range and can be used to generate Lottery Numbers. You can pick numbers from -999,999,999,999,999 to 999,999,999,999,999, choose to generate decimals or integers, include or exclude the minimum and maximum values, disallow duplicates (random number generator with no repeats), and sort results from smallest to largest.

It can serve as both a single random number picker and a random number list generator. In the text below you’ll find information on how to use this random sequence generator. It will also answer the questions: “What is RNG?”, “What is the difference between pseudorandom number generators and true random number generators?” and “How do random number generators work?”

The numbers generated by this lucky number generator are pseudorandom – not truly random, but suitable for most purposes. However, be careful if you want to use it for encryption of top-secret government documents. Check out our Lottery Calculator which is used to calculate your odds of winning a lottery ticket and our Success Odds Calculator to calculate your success chance


Pick a number – how to use the random number generator


  1. Single random number generator


    If you want to generate one random number, choose a number that will be the lower limit (the minimum value), and then pick a number that will be the upper limit (the maximum value). To generate again, click the arrow below the “Result” field. (Make sure the “autosave” option is turned on by clicking the floppy disk icon next to the “Minimum value” and “Maximum value” fields).

    By default, minimum and maximum values are included in the range of numbers generated. If you want to exclude them, click “advanced mode” (below the “Result” field), and you’ll see the option to exclude one or both.

    You can also generate decimals (up to two decimal places) – to do that change the “type of number(s)” setting.


  2. Random number list generator (Can be used for lottery number generator)


    If you choose the “multiple numbers” option in the “Generate” field, input the quantity of numbers you need, and you’ll see a sequence of random numbers.

    In the advanced mode, you can also choose whether you want to allow duplicates in the random list and whether you want the results to be sorted (from smallest to largest).

    If you want to generate numbers with the same settings again, click the “autosave” option to the right of the variables you want to stay the same. Can be used to generate lottery numbers such as Powerball Number generation and Mega Million Number Generation