Lottery Calculator



How does the lottery odds calculator work?


Begin by typing in the following values:

  • Balls to be drawn: how many balls are drawn from the pool. For example, in a Lotto game, the machine chooses 6 winning numbers.

  • Number of matches: how many matches satisfy you? In this example, you can match up to 6 numbers. The lower this number will be, the higher the chances of winning.

  • The number of balls in the pool: the total number of balls that can be chosen. For example, if your lottery coupon includes numbers from 1 to 60, then there are 60 balls in the pool.

The lottery calculator will determine the probability of winning such a lottery (in other words, the odds) as 1 to x. This means that if you play x times, you will most probably win only once. Also, check out our Lottery Number Generator and Success Odds Calculator from The LotteryNigeria



Bonus balls



Some lotteries include a bonus ball that is drawn after the initial balls. Our calculator allows you to take into consideration two types of bonus balls:

  1. Bonus balls are taken from the remaining pool. In this case, an additional ball is chosen from the pool to give players who hit all but one number a chance for a better prize. For example, in a game where you choose 6 numbers of 59, a seventh ball is randomly selected. Let’s assume that you matched 5 out of 6 numbers. Our calculator tells you what are the odds of the sixth number you chose being on the bonus ball.

    Number of matches is set by default to m-1. That means that if you initially wanted to match 6 balls, the lottery calculator will find the odds of matching 5 balls and a bonus ball.

  2. Bonus balls are taken from a bonus pool. In this case, bonus balls are randomly picked from a separate pool. That means that one number can come up twice. Our lottery odds calculator finds out the chances of you getting m matches and picking a bonus ball number. For example, if you want to hit a jackpot (6 matches out of 6 numbers), this calculator will find the odds of matching six numbers and a bonus ball.

  • Balls to be drawn: number of balls drawn from the bonus pool.

  • Matches with bonus pool: how many numbers from your lottery ticket should come up in the bonus pool?

  • Balls in the bonus pool: total number of balls in the bonus pool. It can be but does not have to, be equal to the number of balls in the initial pool.